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Gurpal Virdi


May 13, 2018

Gurpal Virdi launches Book - Behind the Blue Line

On Monday 14th of May 2018, Gurpal Virdi was joined by Sir Peter Bottomley MP, Lord Singh of Wimbledon, and Dr Richard Stone, as well as many other colleagues, friends, and supporters from throughout Gurpal's campaigning against injustice and institutional racism.

Dr Richard Stone has worked as an anti-racism and inter-faith campaigner in the UK. Alongside Sir Peter Bottomley MP, Dr Stone has campaign against injustice and institutional racism in many of the highest profile cases in the country including the murder of Stephen Lawrence. Since 1993, Lord Singh has worked for the Sikh community and is probably its best-known representative in Britain, having acted as consultant to many notable figures and organisations including Prince Charles, the Metropolitan Police, and the Church of England.

The launch of this book signifies another step in bringing to light the injustices and racism that has found its way to the very core of key institutions in this country.

March 20, 2018

Sir Peter Bottomley submits Early Day Motion

On the 20th of March, Sir Peter Bottomley submitted an Early Day Motion in Parliament:

"That this House calls for an inquiry into the investigations and prosecution decisions that preceded the acquittal of retired Metropolitan Police Sergeant Councillor Gurpal Virdi, to establish how there could be a trial without evidence from PC Markwick and PC Mady, how PC Makins could be a prosecution witness when his statement contradicted specific claims by the complainant, how the Crown Prosecution Service could have believed the false allegation of indecent assault with a collapsible baton a decade before they were introduced, and to establish why the Independent Police Complaints Commission referred Mr Virdi's complaint to the Metropolitan Police Department of Professional Standards whose peculiar original investigation led to the false statements about Mr Virdi and to the unjustified prosecution."

February 23, 2018

Gurpal Virdi publishes book detailing events in Metropolitan Police

On the 21st of March, Gurpal Virdi along with Biteback Publishing, launched his new book 'Behind the Blue Line', detailing how one of Britain’s biggest institutions brought the apparatus of the state to bear in a campaign to destroy the life of one of its own officers.

'Behind the Blue Line is the story of a good public servant. Without rancour, it details the obstacles, the prejudice and the official carelessness that can get in the way of a dedicated officer’s career. We can learn from it. We must learn from it. These events should never be able to happen again.'

Sir Peter Bottomley MP 

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